25,000 Dominoes are Built! | The ULTIMATE Domino Battle [Ep. 3/5]

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WATCH EPISODES 1-5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBZEx4pvf2U&list=PLNPDtUHUkSPaEGk2Uh5E0vtWCJniiGCAS&index=2
In Episode 3, the contestants race against the clock to finish their domino projects! This is the final build day, so each team needs to manage their time well in order to set up all 25,000 dominoes and fill the space. Stay tuned for the falldown next week! Let's see if it all works!

ABOUT: The Ultimate Domino Battle is the world's first reality game show centered around building and toppling thousands of dominoes! 2 teams of expert Domino Artists compete against each other to see who can make the best domino project. These artists have never built with each other before and need to work together to design an intriguing domino setup that is not only artistic, but also functional as a seamless chain reaction.

Catch new episodes of the #UltimateDominoBattle every Saturday at 10AM EST in this exciting 5-part series! The winners will be revealed in the season finale on May 23, and will receive a huge supply of H5 Domino Creations thanks to @Spin Master. Learn more about my new line of precision-toppling dominoes and accessories at http://hevesh5.com/buydominoes.

Contestants: @StickTrickDominoDude and @Wdomino (#TeamStylists) vs. @MarDominoes and @TheRealMcJoni (#TeamShakers)
Judges: @Hevesh5 and @Smileypeacefun

Directed and produced by @Hevesh5
Video edited by @DrComplicated
Special thanks to Overit Studios: https://overitstudios.com

If you are brand interested in sponsoring this series, please email me at info@hevesh5.com.

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