Michael Saylor : "5 Reasons WHY Bitcoin Will EXPLODE In 2023" Latest Crypto Prediction

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"5 Reasons WHY Bitcoin Will EXPLODE In 2023" Michael Saylor Latest Crypto Prediction

Michael Saylor is perhaps the most influential person in the Bitcoin space & is truly the man at the helm of institutional adoption and the proliferation of companies adding Bitcoin to their balance sheets.

In a keynote with Swan Bitcoin, Saylor gives his 3 top reasons why he’s not only Bullish on Bitcoin heading into 2023 but why he is confident the asset class will go up forever. And believe me, his reasons are extremely compelling and logical. Make sure to stick around to the end of the video where Saylor breaks down why Bitcoin is the single greatest asset he’s ever seen.

About Michael Saylor:

Michael J. Saylor is an American entrepreneur and business executive. He is the executive chairman and a co-founder of MicroStrategy, a company that provides business intelligence, mobile software, and cloud-based services. Saylor served as MicroStrategy's chief executive officer from 1989 to 2022.
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